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Ethics management

  • Corporate ethical management is not just a means of controlling corruption of executives and employees, but it is not a once-popular word. It is a management activity that improves competitiveness and creates new economic added value by correcting wrong practices or cost structures within a company. Ultimately, it aims to maximize profits and contribute to society through them.
  • Ethical management is affecting corporate image enhancement and profit maximization through the trust of all stakeholders, and further leads to corporate survival issues.
  • Companies that gain continuous trust through transparent management grow into blue-chip companies, while those that do not lag behind the global market.
  • Accordingly, the international community is establishing policies to strengthen ethical management.
  • Therefore, companies have no choice but to have an efficient ethical management system, and ethical management is now the foundation of corporate management.
  • We will strengthen our competitiveness by correcting irrational elements and practices of corporate management from an ethical perspective. Also, I will actively practice ethical management to become a company that gives trust to all stakeholders.